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Alkem Laboratories ties with Tata Memorial Hospital to establish cancer care facility in Bihar

wtadmin July 28, 2021 0 Comments

Alkem Laboratories Limited has agreed to partner with Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) to establish an advanced Radiotherapy Facility as a part of the Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Muzaffarpur. As part of Alkem’s CSR activity, Alkem has sanctioned the purchase of 2 most advanced versions of the teletherapy and brachytherapy units for this facility.
This facility being developed as a spoke model shall also provide chemotherapy, minor operation, basic laboratory, treatment planning, etc.

To decentralize the cancer care further, Alkem and TMC have collaborated to also establish 3 mini cancer units in the following cities of Bihar namely Buxar, Jehanabad and Bhagalpur. These centers will connect cancer patients of those districts by telemedicine to HBCHRC, Muzaffarpur.

In addition, these centers will work with the district administration on community activities such as cancer awareness and screening.

Radiotherapy is an essential part of any cancer hospital. As per WHO and International Atomic Energy Agency norms, 1 radiotherapy machine is required per million populations.

However in Bihar, there are only half a dozen fully active radiotherapy centres to cater the population of 104 million and all of them are located in the urban area of Patna.

Hence, with the advanced Radiotherapy Facility and the mini cancer units, Alkem along with TMC aims to bring an end to the sufferings of millions of cancer patients of Bihar who have to travel long distance to avail cancer treatment.

Commenting on the initiative, Basudeo N. Singh, Executive Chairman said, “At Alkem, our overriding philosophy is to be recognised as a force for good in society. Through our corporate social responsibility endeavours we aim to promote social and economic benefits for the financially vulnerable sections of the society and bring about a transformative change. I am very happy that our collaboration with TMC to establish an advanced radiotherapy facility and mini cancer units will help the people of Bihar and the adjoining states to better manage their cancer care treatment at an affordable cost.”

Commenting on the initiative, San deep Singh, Managing Director said, “Cancer has emerged as a major public health concern in India with around 1 milJion new cases of cancer diagnosed every year. Majority of the cancer care hospitals and centres in India are located in the urban areas, making them less accessible and affordable to the vast majority of our population that resides in the villages and rural areas. Through our initiative in collaboration with TMC, we have tried to address this issue. I hope it will make cancer care treatment more accessible for them, who otherwise would have to travel long distance.”

Dr. RA Badwe, Director, TMC said – “The mission of Tata Memorial Centre, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India is to offer affordable and accessible cancer c8re to one 8nd all in India. The crmcer center in Muzaffarpur is the newest addition to our hospitals in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Sangrur, New Chandigarh, Guwahati and Visakhapatnam. This hospital will bring relief to people ofBihar who have to travel long distances and make huge out of pocket expenses for cancer treatment. Addition of a Radiotherapy block with the support of Alkem wi 11 help us enhance our capability to treat a larger number of patients with a short waiting time.”


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